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What is UDS?

UDS is an ultra-realistic maritime operations simulation, allowing players to operate a wide variety of large and small seaborne vehicles in a global setting.

Well... that's what it could be. Right now, it's a very simple docking simulation with a single ship and a single location. You drive your fishing boat to the dock and park it, hopefully without hitting anything in the process. Honestly, there isn't much to see or do yet... but the price is right!


  • Operate a fishing boat. The ship handles and behaves in a realistic manner.
  • Control the rudder as well as throttle. (more controls coming soon)
  • Realistic water physics.
  • Simple damage tracking. Earn more stars for not wrecking your ship!
  • Several different scenarios, exploring a variety of weather and traffic conditions.
  • A lighthouse.

WARNING: UDS is a realistic simulation, based entirely on my assumptions and recent experience of spending a weekend on a boat... That means, your 20 tonne fishing boat won't stop or turn on a dime. You will have to learn how your ship handles and plan your approaches carefully!

Future Plans

I really want to see what people think of the concept of a maritime simulator, and hope that the UDS fans will help drive it's direction. Some ideas, roughly in order of priority:

  • Bug fixes and improvements. Prop-walk should make docking even more painful!
  • Interior views.
  • Visual effects like particles and ship wakes... ships look seriously wierd without a wake!
  • Real-world locations from satellite data.
  • More player-driven ship types. Sailboats are high on my list!
  • More varied scenarios. Not just docking!
  • A global navigation system... sail across the whole ocean!
  • Multiplayer... I guess. Everybody likes multiplayer, so we might as well put that on the list too.

I've decided to offer a bunch of copies for free... if this thing ever gets on Steam, I'll throw in a free key for everyone who get's a copy here. Heck, I'll throw in a free steak sandwich if you jump in and try it out! (Note: only one (1) steak sandwich available... shipping and handling extra...)


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i like it .....

ima get this game.

Impressive! And I'm surprised how quick I learned to keep down the pace... good job!

Awesome, thanks for playing! By the end, you were docking like a salty sea dog!!